Why your bra straps keep slipping – and what to do about it

Do you regularly experience the discomfort of slipping bra straps? Perhaps the first time you wear a new bra, it seems okay, but as soon as you go about your day, you notice that the straps start slipping off your shoulders and you’re discreetly reaching inside your top to pull them back up again. Or maybe it’s your old favourite bra that no longer has the same perfect fit. The struggle is real – but no woman should have to deal with this.

Keep reading to learn why your bra straps could be slipping, plus how to avoid being caught up in this situation again:

Your straps are too loose

When was the last time you adjusted your bra straps? The thought may not even have crossed your mind. But wash after wash, wear after wear, those straps can get stretched out or may even adjust themselves resulting in strap slippage. The solution could be as simple as tightening your bra straps. Just make sure that they’re tight enough to provide support but not so tight that the straps dig into your shoulders and pull the back band up with it. We recommend the two-finger test to make sure your straps are just right.

Your straps are too long 

Not all bra straps are made equal and not all are designed to be adjusted the full length of the strap. Likewise, all bodies are different. So if you’re shorter than 5’4” and/or the distance between your breasts and your shoulders is shorter than average AND you have bra straps that are not fully adjustable, then you may not be able to get your straps to the length that you need. When shopping for bras, look for straps that can be adjusted the full length from the back to the front.

Your back band is too loose or too large 

Perhaps you bought it that way or perhaps the back band has just stretched out due to too much love or the fabric type. But either way, if your back band is too big, it may be causing your slipping straps. Throughout the day, the weight of your breasts will cause a large back band to slip up, causing your breasts to sag and the straps to slip. Or perhaps the large band means your straps are now set further apart. The quality of your bras is important, as is getting the right fit in the first place. To check if your back band is too large, wear your bra and try taking the straps off your shoulders. If the bra still holds your breasts intact, then it’s the right size. However, if the bra slips down, it’s time to ask an expert for fitting advice.

You have narrow shoulders or sloping shoulders 

All bodies are made differently and if you have narrow shoulders or sloping shoulders, you’ll want to take this into consideration when looking for a bra. Strap placement is important so look out for the angle of the straps and how close they come together. A center pull back, U-back or a racerback could solve your slippage problems, as would a full coverage bra, a balconnet bra with angled or “kicked-in” straps (which sit closer together in back than most straps) or a multiway bra with a built-in J hook which you can fasten to convert your existing bra to a racerback. See the image below for the kind of back you want to look for:

We recommend the following three bras to prevent strap slippage:

Clara Full Cup Bra

as the straps sit higher up on your shoulders

Cari Moulded Spacer Bra

as you can convert the straps to a racerback

Envy Full Cup Bra

as the straps are fully adjustable so you can ensure that you are getting enough support from your straps without them digging in

Have a question you want answered about bra fitting? Send us a message today and we’ll be happy to help!

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