We are passionate about providing you with the perfect fitting bra. Whether in our boutiques, online or in the comfort of your home, we live for when our lovely customers feel uplifted, more confident and happy in their new bra or swimwear. With so many factors affecting breast size (weight change, menstrual cycle and medication to name just a few) it is important to get measured regularly by a professional modern bra fitter.

Why do we say a modern bra fitter? Because the old tape measure method fails to take into account natural breast shape, the stretch of the materials, and the fit of different styles of bra, and it has been known to result in incorrect fittings. Breasts vary in size, shape and spacing and this is not reflected in a single measurement.

That is why all TKD Lingerie's bra fitters are trained in the modern methods of fitting; advising on both your correct bra size and on the style of bra is the most flattering for your breast shape, helping to improve your posture and silhouette in an instant. Our focus during a fitting is not the size on the label. It is how your bra looks and sits on your body, and most importantly, how it feels to you. We are available to give you sizing advice in store, via Whatsapp (the button is hovering below!), through our social media pages, by video appointment and even at your own home.  Get in touch to book a fitting – we would love to hear from you x