Pregnancy and becoming a mother is a miraculous time in our lives. It can also be a little overwhelming. Adjusting to the changes in our body shape, shifting thinking about the role of our breasts, and then finding bras to fit are challenges that can make bra shopping, for some, a daunting task.

We hope our maternity & nursing guide will help you to select the best bras for your needs during pregnancy and beyond. Do get in touch if you have would like any further advice. Our highly trained bra fitters are always happy to help. We also offer a home fitting service for new mums based in Dubai

Trimester 1 WEEK 1 — WEEK 12


Breast changes are often one of the first signs of pregnancy. Large increases in hormones trigger the breasts to grow rapidly. You may also experience some tenderness and sensitivity.


New bras should be fitted one cup size bigger than you currently are. Select bras with several sets of hook and eyes at the back and ensure the back band is on the tightest hook. This will give room for growth in both back and cup size.

Trimester 2 WEEK 13 — WEEK 28


Breast growth will slow down and can sometimes stop during the second trimester. As your uterus rapidly expands upwards and outwards to accommodate your growing baby you will likely experience a widen of your rib cage and an increase in back size.


Make sure your back band is not too tight, move to the looser setting of hooks as necessary. If the underwiring of your bra is digging in at the side of your breasts think about increasing the cup size. If the underwiring is sitting on your stomach and causing discomfort, think about switching to a soft cup or flexible wire style of bra.

Trimester 3 WEEK 29 ONWARDS


As you near your due date your breasts will become fuller and heavier. You will likely experience another increase in cup size. If you haven’t had colostrum leaking from your breasts before, it starts now. Some women don’t experience leaks. Either way, it has nothing to do with your ability to breast-feed.


Get professionally fitted for your nursing bras around two weeks before your due date. We recommend to go up a cup size in your nursing bras this gives you room for growth when your milk comes in. Three is the Magic number when selecting nursing bras. Always have 1 bra to wear, 1 in the wash and 1 in the drawer. is on the tightest hook. This will give room for growth in both back and cup size.


Many women prefer the support of underwired bras but are often recommended not to use them during pregnancy or lactation. This is due to rigid underwires not being able to accommodate the daily changes in breast shape, which can put pressure on breast tissue leading to blocked milk ducts and mastitis.

TKD have an award-winning range of flexible wire nursing bras. These have been designed to provide superior shape, support and good overall breast health. The wires are made from a light gauge alloy so it easily moulds and shapes around the breast. The angle of the wire is wider, which encompasses the breast whilst avoiding pressure on the breast tissue at the sides. These flexible wire bras deliver that much needed security and support whilst still being surprisingly comfortable.